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3d animation and visualization

We specialize in 3D animation for historical, natural, educational and advertising movies as well as digital effects for feature films. We create animated visualizations of architectural projects, product designs, as well as visualizations and simulations of industrial processes. As the final effect we offer not only animated movies, but also 3D realtime interactive applications operating both stationary and on-line.
Sample industrial visualization project can be viewed here.

3d animated movies production

We produce 3D animated movies from the stage of concepting and storyboarding to the final editing, compositing and audio post-production. Our experience is predominantly with documentaries and natural history productions, but now we are working on our first animated feature.
The Trailer of our last production - an animated movie about the medieval city of Lebork can be seen here.

3D stereoscopy

We are one of the pioneers of stereoscopic 3D animation in Poland. Our natural documentary 3D animation can bee seen in the museum of Ojcowski National Park. More about the movie here.
We are also one of the pioneers of stereoscopic realtime 3D interactive applications (3d games, 3d multimedia presentations).

interactive realtime 3d

We have created our own 3D virtual reality engine, which can be successfully used in the implementation of 3D gaming or 3d multimedia presentations. Trailer of the sample project - Virtual settlement of Biskupin can be viewed here.

motion capture - realistic character animation

We have co-operated with studio SoInteractive in starting of Poland's first professional motion capture system. Our demo of 3d animation based on motion capture system can be seen here.

3d character animation

We make 3d character animations for computer games, animated features, commercials and multimedia presentations. Examples of character animation for the Gilfor's Tales game can be seen here, examples of character animation for multimedia presentation here.

3d graphics, digital media

Standard services of all digial media for all platforms.


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